October 19, 2009

On Verge of Extinction

My kids won’t see them, I haven’t seen one yet! What I am talking about are no mystic rarities, they are just a few species of animal which were quite a common sight but are rapidly getting vanished. No, our […]
October 18, 2009

Happy Diwali……..Happy ??!!!!

35 died in Andhra Pradesh, factory blown up, 150+ casualties all over the country…carbon content in atmosphere shooting up…houses burnt…a full slum area brought down to ashes…people suffering from eye irritation…smoke every where and sky turning red, ecology and environment gone for […]
October 4, 2009

Durga Puja, Climate Change and Economics

Kali Badi is the place to be in this festive season. Durga Puja are the 9 days when whole India forgets everything and swings in festive mood. But, when you talk about Kolkata it different..its a madness there. So, our kolkata niwasi were at […]