March 8, 2017

शुन्य का अनंत सफ़र

मैं शुन्य के सफ़र पे हूँ, मेरा आरंभ हीं शायद मेरा अंत है, परंतु मेरा रास्ता अनंत है| मैं अकेला नही हू इस सफ़र में तुम सब मेरे राहदार हो| बस थोड़ा खुद के बंदी हो, या वक़्त के कर्ज़दार […]
December 4, 2016

Product Review| Terra Chips – An Adventurous Savoury Snack

Imagination is the fastest mode of travel, taste bud comes close second. A travel experience is incomplete if you have not tasted the flavour of the land. Long story short, travel and taste are closely tied in. Now imagine a […]
November 9, 2016

Dawn of The New World Order

There is a Chinese curse, they say, which goes like, ‘May you live in interesting times’. Welcome to the interesting times. When Hillary Clinton on a phone call conceded defeat to the President elect Donald Trump, it was not only […]
June 24, 2016

Brexit: Now that it has happened

Against all the speculations in favor of Stay, the Britons on Thursday chose to break away form European Union with a majority electorate voting for ‘Leave’. In immediate aftermath of the referendum the world saw a massive turbulence in global […]
June 21, 2016

What BREXIT means for India?

On Thursday, June 23 when Britons will vote on the referendum for Britain’s disassociation with the European Union, popularly known as Brexit, they will not take a decision only to affect the Britain – EU trade ties or immigration policies. The […]