Product Review| Terra Chips – An Adventurous Savoury Snack

Imagination is the fastest mode of travel, taste bud comes close second. A travel experience is incomplete if you have not tasted the flavour of the land. Long story short, travel and taste are closely tied in. Now imagine a travel in to the discovery of taste. Terra, the chips, calls itself an adventure and rightly so with the flavours they have brought in. My travel style is that of an explorer, and when I was to taste and review the Terra chips, it felt like doing the same with food. First thing you notice about Terra chips when you open its pack is the vibrant colours of the chips. These chips are made of some real exotic whole vegetables offered in India in three variants: Original, Mediterranean and Blue. Blue is made out of naturally occurring Blue Potato flavoured with Sea Salt, I didn’t even know before that blue potato exist.  Sea Salt flavoured Original and Herbs & Lemon flavoured Mediterranean variants are a bag full mix of Yuca, Parsnip, Sweet Potato, Batata and Ruby Dipped (dipped in Beet Root Juice) vegetables.


Good part of these chips is that they are a savoury snack which is actually not unhealthy – they are made with non – GMO ingredients and are gluten free. They use expeller press oil which basically means they are not chemically extracted. A quick look at the nutrition content on the pack will tell you that these are about half as fattening as other leading potato chips brands. The taste of the chips per se is not very suitable for Indian palate – we are used to very strong flavours in our savoury snack. But as you eat more of Terra chips, you discover the scrumptious crunchy taste in subtle flavour of each vegetable chip. The taste builds upon you and as you travel further in your discovery of these flavours, you end up at a new favourite snack.

Terra Chips has been launched in India about six months ago and are available at Foodhall, and online on Amazon, BigBasket etc.

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